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How Does GDpro Work?

How does 'Garden Design Pro' work? An overview...

Garden Design Pro - what is it, where has it come from and how does it work?

A 3D Garden Design solution to suit all skill levels and budgets, giving you the tools to create garden designs in 3D - based around Google's SketchUp software. Its easy to learn, quick and very affordable.

3D Garden Design for beginners, designers, landscapers...

Where has it come from?

We developed it for use in our own business, as other packages were either too expensive, complex or simplistic. It was further refined with Homebase Ltd, for use in their Homebase Garden Design service. Developed by garden designers for professional use, it's now available for general release from GDpro.

How does it work?

Those with CAD experience know, the slow part of the job is 3D modelling individual items. So GDpro has done this for you - you just download ready-made components from our catalogue and start designing!

GDpro uses the very popular Google 'SketchUp 8' 3D modelling software, used by 1000's of designers and landscapers worldwide to create designs. We've created a large SketchUp component catalogue of products and plants used in gardens, so you can 'Drag-and-Drop' them into your model - creating designs in minutes, not hours.

A range of 'ready-made' garden borders makes planting design fast and efficient, simultaneously creating 3D views AND 2D planting plans. A couple of example snapshots are below...

Model in 3D, switch Layers to 2D for planting plan layout

Access to 'Download' buttons is Members Only - so which membership?

DIY memberships (create designs in 1 style) or PRO (access everything) start from just £19 plus VAT. Members get site access for 12 months and benefit from future developments and our expanding range.

Your creativity is unlimited with Google SketchUp, as you can go on to create your own 3D components too! We also have some help on using it for garden designs, to compliment Google's vast online help resources and self-help tutorials.

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