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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions to GDpro

Frequently Asked Questions to GDpro

Some frequently asked questions to Garden Design Pro about our unique solution...

Does GDpro work with the FREE and PRO versions of SketchUp 8?

Yes, our components function the same, regardless of your version of SketchUp 8.

Can I update/modify GDpro components - or make new ones?

Yes, you are free to modify or update your downloaded components. You are also free to create your own components within SketchUp 8 too.

Is membership a 'one-off' payment or annual?

Membership to GDpro is an annual fee, so you can continue to benefit from our on going development of our component catalogue including new and updated components. If you do not wish to renew after 12 months you are free to leave.

What happens after my membership runs out?

Once your 12 month membership expires, you will not be able to access your account. You have the option to renew your account - and continue to download from our component catalogue, including all new and updated conponents. Your components already downloaded will still function normally - they do not expire.

Does it work on a Mac and a PC?

SketchUp 8 has both a Mac and PC versions. All customers agree to test our free sample component before joining, to ensure it is compatable with their own computer's installation. Our components are produced on a PC, so to check your installation is compatible...

(You will need Google SketchUp v7 installed on your computer to access and test this sample component)

Test this free sample first BEFORE joining
Know it's compatable with your SketchUp installation
Download the FREE sample



Google SketchUp is FREE software to create and present 3D Garden Designs using our unique component catalogue to 'drag-and-drop'. Click the button below to 'download now'...

SketchUp is THE leading 3D design software from Google
Click the button to download FREE SketchUp now...

Download the FREE version of Google SketchUp


GDpro downloads and components come in 'Zip' files. Save the Zip file to your computer. 'Un-zip' the file to install (most computer's come with Zip software built-in) so right-click on the file and 'Extract'. If you dont have Zip software...

Zip utility for Windows.
Mac and Windows platforms.
 CAM UnZip
FREEWARE for personal use and Windows.



GDpro downloads (ready-made garden designs, advice packs and planting plans) are electronic PDF documents - which you can open using FREE Adobe Acrobat software. If you need to install this software or update your's to the latest version (you get an error or can't open a file) - CLICK HERE...

Latest news, updates and developments?
For the latest news, updates and developments from Garden Design Pro - CLICK HERE...

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