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Create a Planting Design

Creating your Planting Design

Our garden design package is great for creating bespoke planting designs quickly and easily, including sourcing the plants for UK home delivery.

3D visualisation and 2D planting plans

3D visualisation and 2D planting plans

Plant components are created with 3D graphics and 2D details on different SketchUp Layers.

By hiding or showing the 3D or 2D layers you can quickly see your design take shape in 3D or switch to see the planting plan in a 2D plan view.

Each plant comes with it's unique Code on the 2D disc, identifying the plant type - in this example its the 'Agapanthus africanus Albus'.

This example's Code 'pp005' refers to;
1st p = planting component
2nd p = Perennial
005 = unique, sequential number.

This example Mediterranean 'ready-made' border illustrates the different 3D/2D layers when visible...

Model in 3D, switch Layers to 2D for planting plan layout

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