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Create a Garden Design

Creating your Garden Design

Google SketchUp usually takes the average first-time user about half-a-day to become familiar with the basics of the software. Our advice is to first start with the introductory tutorials already in SketchUp.

'Drag-and-Drop' designing your garden

'Drag-and-Drop' designing your garden

You may not need use many of the commands in SketchUp as GDpro is based on 'drag-and-drop'.

Once you've created your site plan, simply 'drag and drop' items from the Component pallette into your design, positioning them where you desire.

This speed and flexibility means you can experiment with your garden's plan, to find the right layout for you or your clients requirements.

Each GDpro component has a unique Code. This example arbour's Code is 'gs004' and refers to;

1st g = garden component
2nd s = Structures/Buildings
004 = unique, sequential number.

Model in 3D, switch Layers to 2D for planting plan layout

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